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Return Policy

Blendfresh™ (hereafter referred to as “Blendfresh,” “Blendfresh.com,” “we,” “us” and “our,” as appropriate), has created the following Return Policy to inform you of what the policy is for returning either Blendfresh and Blendtec product purchased through Blendfresh, LLC.

Blendfresh offers a 45-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee from the date of sale on consumable products to all Shoppers including Rookie, Smart and Savvy Shoppers and a 90 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee to Elite and Premier Shoppers (consumable products are food products, but not hard-goods such as blenders) that are returned to the company. Orders that are part of a blender agreement may only be returned for product credit, as these orders constitute a fulfilment of a blender agreement contract. 

Blendtec Blenders: Blendfresh offers a 100% refund on blenders purchased through Blendfresh, that are returned within 30 days from the date of sale. Blenders may be exchanged for another unit when a problem is diagnosed by Blendtec that is covered by the Blendtec appropriate warranty: 8 years Express, 10 years Express Pro.

All blenders being returned for a full refund must be returned in their packages with all original contents, undamaged and in good working condition with no material alterations to the blender and the package must be accompanied by an original receipt. Offers that provide the customer with a discount on any blender, service, accessory or other item or feature (e.g. “Buy One Get a discount on Another”), will result in the customer no longer remaining eligible for the discount, and they may be charged the difference between the discounted price and the regular price.

The Shopper returning the products to Blendfresh is responsible for return shipping charges, and the initial shipping charges to the Shopper are not subject to refund. In refund cases, products shipped directly to the Shopper by the Company must be returned to the Company and a refund will be issued to the Shopper by the Company. This product satisfaction guarantee does not apply to products damaged by abuse or misuse, and shipping costs are not refundable. Wellness Partners shall disclose the terms of the warranty to the Shopper at the time of sale and shall also point out this warranty information on the sales receipt and product literature.

Blendfresh reserves the right to terminate the Wellness Partner Agreement of any Wellness Partner whom the Company determines is abusing the refund policy. The full Blendtec warranty terms and conditions can be viewed at www.blendtec.com/warranty.

For any Blendtec blender or jar related warranty issues, contact Blendtec customer service at 1-800-748-5400.
For any returns, or for non blender Blendfresh product issues, contact Blendfresh Brand Services at 1-855-502-5363.