My Story

Wellness Partner


In 1964, when I was only three years old, my sister was diagnosed with juvenile, insulin-dependent diabetes. My mother was told that she would not live past her teens.   We were fortunate to live in New York City where many nationally renown medical specialists in diabetic care, practiced.  So at a time when there was very little knowledge or technology that could be used to keep a Type 1 Diabetic alive, at least we had residential hospitals and research available to us.  At this early age I came to understand that food had a direct affect on your health; sometimes foods kept you healthy, but many foods were a threat to your health too.  This is when my passion for health through nutrition, began. I was a vegetarian who made quinoa stew and baked her own bread, in my mother's home, at 15. I am on a mission to help 5000 people get healthy by eating plant-based nutrients and avoiding, at all costs, processed foods and heavily sprayed produce. I am also a doctor and an entrepreneur and I have a deep respect for anyone who is willing to make the changes necessary to live the life of their dreams. Most people do not know that this is even an option!  What an honor it is to be able to present this incredible vehicle here; using the infrastructre that BlendTec and Blendfresh have put in place, to build a sales force and enjoy leverage and passive residual income.